power start
power start


Power start a game that has a fruit symbol. Fresh fruit and ready to give you a lot of money. Even though it looks like an old school game, many gamers like the power start game. Popular games for ease of play and attractive and unique symbols. Game power start comes from the novomatic provider.

The form of a game that has 5 reels and 3 rows. You can win this classic-looking game with the right steps. To be able to get game payouts you have to use 10 ways to win. The presence of the power start game on novomatic in the 80s. In addition to getting the winning value, you will also get free spins.

Free spins

Dhankesariresults – There are 10 free spins ready to give you unexpected wins. For those of you who like the shape of a delicious and fresh fruit, you can play the power start game. Maybe for gamers who have played the Power Start game, they are no longer surprised by the symbol of the game. Here are the game symbols that you can find in the power start game: there are lots of watermelons, cherries, grapes, lemons, oranges, plums, stars, number 7 and bells.

In the power start game you will find wilds on the stars. Wild which can replace all symbols. The presence of stars in game rounds 2, 3, and 4 will give many winning game symbol combinations. In addition to the wild there is also a scatter in the game symbol. 1 Sign has 2 game functions.

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Symbol value

In addition to stars, there are also symbols that have values ​​such as: watermelon will give a value of up to 50 times, grapes will get 100 times, oranges and plums are both symbols that get the same value as 30 times. Stars are not only wild but can also be scatters. Getting the same number of scatters will make gamers activate free spins.

The presence of free spins will help gamers get a chance to win. For game wins, you can get from an unexpected direction of victory. It can be left to right or right to left so gamers don’t need to be confused anymore to get game scores. Of the various symbols on the power start, there are also additional exciting games that can increase the value of coins.

Game bonuses

In addition to the game you will be brought into a game that requires you to guess the color. In this guess, you have to be able to guess correctly because this guess will give you a double value and your score will increase. Number 7 in the game power star as a sign of double value.

As long as the gamer manages to get a value of approximately 58 seconds, he will get a value of a thousand times the bet value. Not only double the value but the number 7 can also give an unexpected game jackpot. To be able to play the Power Start game, you can try the game demo.

Play through game demo

A game that can be played without using real bets so gamers can play easily and know how to play the power start game. With a demo game, you can see how much value you will get when you win. To place a game bet, it can be from 1 coin to 100 coins from the value of the game bet. So what are you waiting for, let’s play the power start game and get a lot of unexpected victory points.