How to use google lens
How to use google lens


Many people are looking for various information through google. Not a little info that is reported by Google. Lots of up-to-date news that can be searched on google. Various titles can be typed in a google search and we can find several articles that we can read and see. Google can also answer all kinds of objects that we show like a google lens. Most people know what a google lens is? , but do you know how to use google lens?

Google lens is a new breakthrough that makes it easy for us to find information using images. With the google lens, it makes it easy for us to find information about images that we don’t know. For google lens itself does not choose the type of image. You can use photos from online media or you can use 3-dimensional media that are taken directly via cellular.

Google connected camera

Dhankesariresults – Google lens itself is more often connected to the camera. A camera from a cellphone that is ready to take photos and post something via the application. Almost everyone uses a sophisticated cellphone so they can know how to find information from Google. Even though you have a sophisticated cellphone but don’t know how to use Google Lens, you’re not confident, right?

Many people ask what kind of googlelens is and how to use google lens? Various types of questions keep coming without stopping so we are also curious about GoogleLens. To eliminate curiosity in using GoogleLens, we can try or find out through friends and online media.

using photos looking for info//lens

Provides a lot of convenience without the hassle

But one thing is for sure, Google Lens makes it easy for us to find information. No need to type or write, just use pictures and the results will come out automatically. There will be many types of articles that come out with different titles. We all know that opening Google means we need the internet to enter the GoogleLens page.

It’s good to use any device when you open Google, keep using the internet. These devices are large computers, laptops, and cellphones. Then what about those who do not have internet or are offline. No need to worry because Google is sophisticated, it can be used offline but only via cellphone.

How to use and the right steps

The general way to use it online is to open Google Lens and change the settings to the Language changer. Many languages ​​are present in front of you, so choose the language that we often use or you use every day. The location of the Language selection is at the top next to it. It’s different when you use GoogleLens when there is no internet network.

If you want to use it but when there is no internet, it is certainly very inconvenient. But all can be overcome easily. The thing that comes first is a language translator, first download the language translator through the google play store application. There will be many file sizes and choose based on the capacity of the cellphone because if it is more than the size it usually cannot be used.

Go to settings and change

Then search for GoogleLens through the Google Play Store. Then download the Google Lens application. After successfully downloading, enter the GoogleLens application settings. Change language on googlelens. After successfully changing and setting it on Google, you can immediately try it. Take some photos or pictures that you want to find info and translate by GoogleLens. It’s easy, not looking for any info with photos, you can already use GoogleLens.