Diamond frenzy

Diamond frenzy
Diamond frenzy

Diamond frenzy novomatic

Diamond frenzy is a game that is so thrilling and can make your heart explode. This time novomatic presents an exciting and challenging game. A game that performs action at night. Makes us have to be careful with all the traps in which valuable objects are located. It’s really cool and amazing to make many gamers want to try to escape the infrared from the guards.

This time, the one who did the diamond theft was a beautiful and sexy woman. Her beauty can trick her opponent but not only beautiful and sexy but you will be amazed by the intelligence of this beautiful thief. With a slim and flexible body it can enter easily so it can avoid the supervision of guards.

The action of the diamond thief

Dhankesariresults – A beautiful thief who uses all means to get the precious diamonds. 50 steps that have been prepared to be able to win and successfully escape the guard’s supervision. Maybe you can help this beautiful thief to successfully get diamonds. The method is easy in the diamond frenzy game which has 5 reels will present many cool symbols.

Use similar symbols or combinations to win the game and you can get diamonds easily. who doesn’t love diamonds? Everyone loves diamonds, especially if the diamond can give a lot of extraordinary wealth. Get diamonds fast you have to bring lots of free spins in order to get beautiful wins.

steal diamonds
beautiful thief//steal diamonds

Glittering game symbol

Play the diamond frenzy game and get lots of unexpected prizes from the game screen rotation. The symbols that are present are very beautiful and shiny, making you forget that you are playing as a reliable thief. The symbols in the diamond frenzy game are: thief woman, diamonds, necklaces, safes, rings, princess crowns, kings’ crowns, and aces, kings, queens, jacks, 10 and 9.

It’s really shiny not for the card symbol, it comes with a pearl shape that forms letters and numbers so it equates to the theme of the game which is full of luxurious jewelry. The game theme in the form of diamonds makes it a wild one. A sign that can replace all symbols except the scatter. The scatter itself is a strong safe where diamonds and jewelry are stored safely.

Free spins

If you find a safe, gamers must get 3 or more safes in order to open the jewelry stored in it. But unlock the jewels that you get but the opportunity to play the game that gamers will get. The chance to win is close enough so you don’t have to look far for it anymore.

There are 12 free spins that are presented. When you get free spins, gamers will also get fixed wilds. Get a similar safe then the screen on the reels will stop spinning for the wild symbol only. While other symbols, please spin until you get a wild and so on.

Free play with the website

Successfully getting 3 scatters will get an additional 5 free spins from the diamond game. Be careful with infrared. Don’t get hit because you might fail to get a beautiful diamond. Fun is not a game that gives a lot of unexpected wins. To play it you do not need to download the game again.

You can play through an online gambling site that you trust or through a website. Although only playing through the website, gamers can also play using a cellphone but cannot be downloaded. Use real money to be able to play the diamond frenzy game. The greater the value of the bets that gamers place, the higher the value of the symbols that gamers get.